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Our Crawlspace Vapor Barrier Products

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Find High-Quality Crawl Space Encapsulation & Repair Supplies to Keep Your Crawl Space Protected

Crawl Space is the area under your house that is too short to stand and offers access to pipes, vents and electrical. However, this area is extremely vulnerable to moisture which can enter through outside air, ground, and even your house.

This moisture is likely to damage wood by causing wood rot that can further lead to swelling and buckling of joists and flooring. A damaged crawlspace also possesses health hazards as it can cause disease.

This is why it is important to protect your crawl space by installing the right barriers. We offer a wide variety of crawl space encapsulation supplies, starting with barriers and tapes, that can be installed to keep the moisture away from the crawl space of your house.

Crawl Space Repair Supplies for DIY Encapsulation

USA Crawl Space is your one-stop shop to purchase the right crawl space encapsulation supplies, even if you are planning to perform the encapsulation on your own. From vapor barriers to polythene sheeting, we provide high-quality crawl space supplies you’ll need to perform DIY crawl space repair & encapsulation. We offer a wide range of barrier thicknesses from 6 mil to 20 mil depending on your particular environment.

Install Crawl Space Vapor Barriers to Stay in Comfort

Apart from keeping the moisture away, vapor barriers and encapsulation also enhance the comfort level of your house by maintaining a proper temperature. Encapsulated crawl space restricts the hot air from entering your home in summers and cold air in winters, maintaining a moderate temperature in your house.

Why Buy Crawl Space Supplies at USA Crawl Space

We are one of the top Crawl Space suppliers in the United States offering all the essential equipment one needs to encapsulate the crawl space. We operate from 2 40,000 sq. ft warehouses in Atlanta and Charlotte, thus offering quick deliveries for your shipment.

At USA Crawl Space, we also have a dedicated team of experts who are ready to resolve every customer query regarding crawl space repair and encapsulation. Whether you are struggling to choose the right product or need help with installation, our technical team will provide an effective solution to your installation queries.

So, shop at USA Crawl Space and encapsulate your home with the best crawl space encapsulation supplies to protect your crawl space from moisture and excess heat that might be damaging your home.

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