Clear vs. White / Black Barriers for Crawlspaces

Clear vs. White / Black Barriers for Crawlspaces 2019-05-06T21:03:43+00:00

Clear Vapor Barriers

Clear vapor barriers are made of polyethylene. The polyethylene is shaped in thin sheets, commonly sold in a roll form. Depending on traffic under your house, storage uses, etc. you may want a thicker vapor barrier. A drawback to clear vapor barriers is their tendency to sweat. This sweat adds another moisture source to the home, affecting any installed wood flooring negatively.

White/Black Vapor Barriers

Our White/Black vapor barriers are available in rolls, adhering to the same thickness values as the clear vapor barriers. Black barriers are more effective at stopping moisture evaporation, compared with the clear barrier. The black color hinders the growth of plant seeds that may reside beneath a home’s crawlspace. Plants naturally send moisture into the air, creating more moisture. In addition, any sunlight that gets into the crawlspace cannot penetrate the black color, hindering the evaporation process within the soil.



Proper vapor barrier installation will prolong the life of the home’s wood and wood flooring and hinders mold and wood rot. The barrier’s moisture control contributes to a more comfortable living interior, reducing the need to run expensive air-conditioners and heaters.

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