Protect Your Crawl Space With HD Reinforced Poly Sheeting

Protecting the crawl space is extremely crucial as it is always vulnerable to excess moisture and humidity. The moisture can enter through different mediums including soil as well as air. Not only does it develop mold and mildew in crawl space, but it also damages joists and flooring. This is why it is always advised to encapsulate the crawl space using high-quality poly-plastic sheeting.

At USA Crawl Space, we offer high-quality and poly plastic sheets that are the perfect solution to encapsulate the crawl space. These sheets are specifically designed to restrict moisture migration and maintain a moderate humidity level in the crawl space.

We provide different types of string reinforced poly plastic sheets that offer high durability and are easy to install at the same time. The sheets offer high tear resistance as well which means it is most likely to last for a considerable time period without experiencing any damage at all.

Why Reinforced Polyethylene Sheeting for Crawl Space is the Best Solution for Crawl Space Encapsulation

The poly sheeting is made from high-strength polyethylene film that is specifically designed to meet heavy-duty applications. Our polyethylene sheets are field-tested and meet NFPA 701 test methods.

Having high-strength material, these sheets are the most suitable option to encapsulate the crawl space and protect it from moisture. The polyethylene sheets are designed to offer high durability and last long. If installed correctly, the sheets can stay in their place for more than two decades.

Buy Different Plastic Sheeting for Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

USA Crawl Space is your one-stop shop to buy a wide variety of fo poly plastic sheeting for crawl space encapsulation. When it comes to plastic sheeting for a crawl space vapor barrier, we offer multiple options, varying in size and thickness.

From 6 mil economy to 10 mil premium poly plastic sheeting, you can find several crawl space poly plastic sheeting to fulfill specific requirements. The 6 mil sheeting is suitable for moderate use while the 10 mil premium plastic sheeting is designed to meet heavy-duty applications.