LLDPE Pond Liners

LLDPE pond liners are a great option for your backyard pond. The pond liners are designed using a flexible material, and therefore can be easily installed.

The pond liners are designed in such a way that the outer layers have virgin linear-low density polyethylene and an inner core have virgin and reprocessed resins, offering high strength and superior durability.

LLDPE pond liners offer easy installation and high tear resistance. It is one of the most suitable options for near to midterm applications. At USA Crawl Space, we offer a wide range of LLDPE pond liners having different sizes designed to meet different project requirements.

LLDPE Pond Liner- The Best Pond Liner for Ponds

The LLDPE fabrics are usually used to line and protect water ponds, mainly due to their high durability. Their puncture resistance capabilities are the reason why LLDPE pond liners can be the most effective solution for your backyard pond.

Apart from restricting moisture migration, the LLDPE pond liners also offer temperature resistance and therefore, can be used in different weather conditions as well. Ease of installation is one of the major reasons to choose pond liners.

Benefits of Installing Pond Liners

Here are some of the additional benefits of installing crawl space LLDPE plastic liners.

● Tear and Puncture Resistant
● UV Stabilized for Long Life
● Offer higher tear and puncture resistance
● High Flexibility offers Easy and Quick Installation
● High Strength and More Durable
● Precisely Restrict Moisture Migration
● Available in Different Size and Shape to Meet Specific Client Objectives

At USA Crawl Space, you can also place special orders to buy LLDPE pond liners with custom dimensions that cater to specific requirements.