12 Mil WB 12’ x 100’ Roll

12 Mil WB 12’ x 100’ Roll


12 MIL Crawl Space Vapor Barrier 12′ x 100′ Roll (White/Black)

Product Description
Our 12 mil White/Black string reinforced polyethylene consists of two sheets of high-strength polyethylene film laminated together with a third layer of molten polyethylene. The white outer layer contains UV inhibitors and thermal stabilizers and the black outer layer(s) contains carbon black to enhance outdoor life. The white outer surface is also designed to reduce heat build-up and condensation. This product is reinforced with a high strength scrim reinforcement laid in a uniform tear resistance in both machine and transverse directions.

Not only this product helps you protect the crawl space under your house, but it also maintains a moderate temperature throughout the year. The 12 Mil Crawl Space vapor barrier is designed with a vision to provide extra comfort. The sheets restrict hot air from entering the house in summers and cold air in winters, thereby maintaining the right temperature you need to stay in comfort.

When Should You Install 12 Mil Plastic Vapor Barrier

In case your crawl space has started to develop mold and mildew, it is important to install a 12 mil plastic vapor barrier so that the wood on the floor doesn’t get damaged. Our 12 mil crawl space white/black vapor barrier is designed to meet high demanding applications requiring a higher tear resistance.

However, for applications that demand heavy-duty products, the 12 mil vapor barrier may not be a suitable option. In such a scenario, check out our 20 mil product that is specifically designed to cater to applications with heavy-duty requirements.

12 Mil Crawl Space Barrier-Product Installation

Installing the 12 mil white/black crawl space barrier is a fairly easy process and you can even execute the DIY installation. All you need is our 20 mil string reinforced polyethylene sheets, crawl space vapor barrier installation tools, and double-sided tape to secure the sheet in your crawl space.

You should also check the local building department before starting with the installation process. Since every building is likely to have specific codes, it is important to conduct proper research to find the right codes relevant to your job site’s area.

For further assistance regarding 12 mil crawl space vapor barrier installation, take a look at our Research & Resources section that provides access to documentation regarding most crawlspace issues, including building codes and research and reports.

However, if you have any concerns regarding the installation process, you can even hire specialists to take care of the entire installation process.

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