Vapor Block Plus 20 Mil 10’ x 150’ Roll

Vapor Block Plus 20 Mil 10’ x 150’ Roll


20 Mil VaporBlock Plus 10’x150’ Roll

Product Description
VAPORBLOCK® PLUS™ Series consists of seven-layer co-extruded barriers made from state-of-the-art polyethylene and EVOH resins to provide unmatched impact strength as well as superior resistance to gas and moisture transmission.

VaporBlock Plus is a highly resilient underslab / vertical wall barrier designed to restrict naturally occurring gases such as radon and/or methane from migrating through the ground and concrete slab.

VaporBlock Plus is more than 100 times less permeable than typical high-performance polyethylene vapor retarders against Methane, Radon and other harmful VOCs. VaporBlock Plus is one of the most effective underslab gas barriers in the building industry today, far exceeding ASTM E-1745 (Plastic Water Vapor Retarders Used in Contact with Soil or Granular Fill Under Concrete Slabs) Class A, B and C requirements.

VaporBlock Plus 20 Price

The 20 mil VaporBlock plus with dimensions 10’ x 150’ is available at an affordable price of $1075. Installing VaporBlock Plus is extremely cost-effective, especially in the long run as it offers superior protection and is highly damage resistant as well.

Benefits of Installing VaporBlock Plus

VaporBlock Plus is specifically designed with a vision to offer high strength to meet high-end requirements. Installing VaporBlock Plus is an effective way to protect the crawl space as it offers unmatched resistance against gas as well as moisture. With VaporBlock plus, the moisture will not seep in through the ground, thereby protecting the entire crawl space from unexpected mold and mildew.

Here are some of the additional benefits of installing VaporBlock Plus

● The seven-layer polyethylene sheets offer superior strength, thereby providing exceptional durability
● When it comes to restricting gases from transmitting through, VaporBlock plus is far better than the traditional high-performance polyethylene vapor barriers
● Installing VaporBlock plus saves time and money.
● It enhances energy efficiency by reducing moisture migration through the ground and concrete walls.
● It offers gas and barrier moisture protection against several harmful gases including radon, methane, and other harmful VOCs.

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